• Windows on the doors provide more light, so there is no need for additional windows in a garage
  • the ideal solution for garages or industrial spaces where light and visual contact with the outdoor space is necessary
  • several dimensions of glazing are available; they are made of double plexiglass, with frames available in black and white colour
  • installation of decorative elements in various combinations is also possible
  • square PVC, white dim. 537×346 mm; square PVC, white, dim. 675x210mm; square PVC, black dim 638×333 mm; oval PVC, black dim 663×346 mm; oval PVC black, dim 630×195 mm; square rostfrei, dim 260×260 mm, 310×310 mm, 360x360mm; round rostfrei, diameter d=330 mm, d=240 mm

MODELS: „the sunrise“ model, „the cross“ model, „the cathedral“ model.