Garage sectional doors

Garage sectional doors are aesthetically important elements of every home. With great variety of panels and colour assortment, the doors can be produced in perfect harmony and conformity with every object. Sectional doors make your garage secure, while their construction guarantees high thermal and sound insulation. Benefits of the modern sectional garage doors include comfort, durability and simple operating. In order to occupy as little space as possible, the doors can open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space.

Thermo insulated sectional garage and industrial doors are made of double galvanized steel, 0,8 mm thick. The doors are double-skinned LPU, plastic-covered on both sides in white colour (RAL 9016), which provides long-term protection against corrosion and atmosphere impacts.

  • door panels are 42 mm thick, filled with polyurethane foam without CFC-11 addition, and are therefore eco-friendly
  • final design is achieved by panel pressing. There are several ways of conducting the design – horizontal lines, cubes and completely smooth layer – plastic-covered stucco ribs, wood-grain (wood imitation) ribs and smooth structure.
  • in compliance with European safety norms, all panels have seals on both outer and inner side for finger protection
  • rails, hinges and the rest of the frame are made of galvanized steel
  • sealing – the doors have rubber seals on all four sides (bottom, top and side profiles) Also, the doors have intermediate seals between the door sections in order to ensure sealing of each section individually when closed
  • in order to balance the sectional doors, galvanized torsion springs are installed, the choice of which is made according to digital calculation
  • manual operating –  bolts and locks are built in, while the chain mechanism is used with bigger door dimensions
  • automatic operating – various types of garage door openers can be installed, depending on the dimensions and purpose of the door (central motors with rails, side motors); different ways of operating (wall buttons or remote control)
  • depending on the customers’ wishes and needs, various models of glazing can be built in, as well as scenic aluminium sections made of double or single plexiglass fill (for spaces where more light is needed)
  • additional option is installing the side/ pedestrian door, ideal for working spaces where there are many people
  • high degree of safety is ensured by fuses that prevent tearing steel cables and springs, as well as breaks and electronic systems that prevent crushing (bottom battens, photocells, potentiometer)