Horvat strojarstvo d.o.o.

We are present on the Croatian market for 20 years. During this period, special attention has been paid to new trends and technology, and our production has been adjusted to meet new standards and customers’ requirements. Throughout the years, the production has focused on sectional doors, while at the same time we started producing individual elements for sectional doors. The production of profiles and frames, as well as their shaping through the use of metal-rolling machinery, commenced 10 years ago and has since then been within our production and sales capacities. Our long-time experience and expertise are the values that guarantee a top-quality final product for our customers. We also provide service and maintenance that give our product a permanent value.

The production in our own plant enables us to adapt the product to customers’ needs and provide them with a stylistically distinguished product. Being focused on customers’ satisfaction has encouraged us to introduce the ISO certificate and start the production based on an individual approach and custom-built doors.
The ISO certificate was introduced in 2013.